Sentence Examples

  • Moonlight spilled over large buildings with triangular roofs into community squares abutting stacked parking lots.
  • There is also an "hospitium" for strange monks, abutting on the north wall of the church (Y).
  • One of the guards shouted when he saw her, and she saw the small door abutting the closed gates open.
  • When the discharge takes place the ends of the lines of electric force abutting on the wire run down it and are detached in the form of semiloops of electric force which move outwards with their ends on the surface of the earth.
  • Besides this there is usually a living conducting tissue, sometimes differentiated as leptom, forming a mantle round the hydrom, and bounded externally by a more or less well-differentiated endodermis, abutting on an irregularly cylindrical lacuna; the latter separates the central conducting cylinder from the cortex of the seta, which, like the cortex of the gametophyte stem, is usually differentiated into an outer thick-walled stereom and an inner starchy parenchyma.

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