Sentence Examples

  • There are a variety of amazing programs available that allow you to do things like create a virtual 3D world, plan out game levels with corridors, obstacles and enemies, or even build your own customized levels of arcade games.
  • Depending on your content, the computers that host your site may also need to be able to handle video files, sound files, 3D generation, or maybe just text - but text that is being accessed, changed, and added to hundreds of times a minute.
  • It's possible to cover and decorate 3D cakes and character cakes with fondant, whipped cream, royal icing, and many other types of frosting, but it's easiest to decorate the cakes with simple homemade or store-bought buttercream frosting.
  • Advanced decorators that have a more thorough arsenal of equipment and knowledge about how to prepare complex cakes might want to tackle 3D models of the Death Star, life-sized lightsaber cakes, stand-up characters, or other challenges.
  • Still the game is not without its positive merits, as the first 3D (albeit isometric) Sonic game the visuals looked stunning at the time and were a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional side on 2D graphics of previous years.