Sentence Examples

  • When the free ends of the hyphae emerge again into the air they swell up into spherical bodies which may either fall off and behave as conidia, each putting out a germ-tube and infecting the host; or the germ-tube itself swells up into a zoosporangium which develops a number of zoospores.
  • Each "conidium" contains numerous nuclei and is really a zoosporangium, as after dispersal it breaks up into a number of zoospores.
  • To a zoosporangium, but may form directly a germ tube which infects the host.
  • Motile zoospores which escape from the zoosporangium are present except in Aplanes.
  • In unicellular forms (Sphaerella) the thallus becomes transformed into a zoosporangium at the reproductive stage.

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