Sentence Examples

  • Basilosaurus (or Zeuglodon) bones are found only in the Jackson marls, and other marine fossils are abundant.
  • *Archaeoceti (Zeuglodon, &c.).
  • Fraas, of Stuttgart, has demonstrated the derivation of the whale-like Zeuglodon from the creodonts.
  • Andrews has, moreover, not only brought forward additional evidence in favour of this most remarkable line of descent, but is confident - which Professor Fraas was not - that Zeuglodon itself is an ancestral cetacean, and consequently that whales are the highly modified descendants of creodonts.
  • It must be admitted, however, that the links between Zeuglodon and typical cetaceans are at present unknown; but it may be hoped that these will be eventually brought to light from the deposits of the Mokattam Range, near Cairo.

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