Sentence Examples

  • The characteristic features of the book are the importance assigned to the personality of Zerubbabel, who, though a living contemporary, is marked out as the Messiah; and the almost sacramental significance attached to the temple.
  • In the book of Zechariah Zerubbabel has already fallen into the background and the high priest is the leading figure of the Judean community.
  • An immense body of exiles is said to have returned at this time to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel, who was of Davidic descent, and the priest Jeshua or Joshua, the grandson of the murdered Seraiah (Ezra i.
  • 15); and Zerubbabel is the one to take in hand and complete the great undertaking (Zech.
  • In Zerubbabel the people beheld once more a ruler of the Davidic race.

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