Sentence Examples

  • +an we may write in general D s f = ZD(p l p 2 p 3 ��) the summation being for every partition (piP2p3...) of s, and D(p iP2 p 3 ...)f being =2 (Dpifi)(DP2f2) (DL'h3f3)f4...f,n.
  • His son A bul-Man pllr Ismail, who was seventeen years old at the time of IJafi~s death, succeeded him with the title al-Zd/ir liad allah.
  • Hempl's initiative was followed by Professor Gundermann of Giessen, who announced in November 1897' that he had discovered the source of the runic alphabet, the introduction of which he declares preceded the first of the phonetic changes known as the " Teutonic sound-shifting," since < = g is used for k, X = x for g, a Theta-like symbol for d, while zd is used for st.