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proper name
Island off the E coast of Africa: 641 sq mi (1,660 sq km)
Webster's New World
Former sultanate & British protectorate including this island, Pemba, & small nearby islands: it became independent (1963) & merged with Tanganyika (1964) to form Tanzania.
Webster's New World
Seaport on the island of Zanzibar.
Webster's New World

Island region of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean.

A region of eastern Africa, comprising Zanzibar Island and several adjacent islands off the northeast coast of Tanzania. Arab and Portuguese traders visited the region in early times, and it was controlled by Omanis in the 1700s and 1800s before being established as a protectorate by Britain in 1890. Zanzibar became an independent sultanate in 1963, but a republic was declared after an uprising in 1964, and Zanzibar joined Tanganyika later that year to form Tanzania.
American Heritage
A city of Tanzania on the western coast of Zanzibar Island. Founded in the 1500s as a Portuguese trading post, it was a major center of the East African ivory trade in the 1800s.
American Heritage

Origin of Zanzibar

  • Ultimately from Persian زنگبار (zangibâr), literally meaning “black-skinned coast".

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