Sentence Examples

  • In William Barlowe's Navigator's Supply, published in 1597, we read:- "Some fewe yeeres since, it so fell out that I had severall conferences with two East Indians which were brought into England by master Candish [[[Thomas Cavendish (Candish)|Thomas Cavendish]]], and had learned our language: The one of them was of Mamillia [[[Manila]]] in the Isle of Luzon, the other of Miaco in Japan.
  • It will be convenient here to give the contents of the edition printed by Andrew Hart at Edinburgh in 1611, and described (as was usually the case) as The Psalmes of David in Meeter, with the Prose, whereunto is added Prayers commonly used in the Kirke, and private houses; with a perpetuall Kalendar and all the Changes of the Moone that shall happen for the space of Six Yeeres to come.

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