Sentence Examples

  • The view of Xenocrates is based on the same ideas.
  • He was a fellow-pupil of Polemo in the school of Xenocrates at Athens, and was the first commentator on Plato.
  • The appointment of Plato's nephew, Speusippus, to succeed his uncle in the Academy induced Aristotle and Xenocrates to leave Athens together and repair to the court of Hermias.
  • Indeed, according to Ammonius, Plato too had talked as he walked in the Academy; and all his followers were called Peripatetics, until, while the pupils of Xenocrates took the name " Academics," those of Aristotle retained the general name.
  • But Heracleides and Hestiacus, Speusippus and Xenocrates were also present and wrote similar reports.