Sentence Examples

  • There were two types of canine divinities in Egypt, their leading representatives being respectively Anubis and Ophois (W p-w;-wt, " opener of the ways"): the former type is symbolized by the recumbent animal the other by a similar animal (in a stiff standing attitude), carried as an emblem on a standard in war or in religious processions.
  • Since in designing a bridge W1-l-Wt is known, k(W1+Wf) can be found from a provisional design in which the weight W 2 is neglected.
  • Then w2/wt = [l2/l1 + (12111)2].
  • T onto° Wt l t on ?
  • In a male cone, probably belonging to wt Lepidocarpon Lomaxi, the microsporangia are provided with incomplete integuments.

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