Sentence Examples

  • We'll also offer tips on whee to buy, how to save money, and distinguishing authentic shades from fakes.
  • They even seem to enjoy being popped because I swear they're saying "Whee!" each time I create a match.
  • Sliding Contact: Forms of the Teeth of Spur-wheels am Racks.A line of connection of two pieces in sliding contact is line perpendicular to their surfaces at a point where they touch Bearing this in mind, the principle of the comparative motion of pair of teeth belonging to a pair of spur-wheels, or to a spur-whee and a rack, is found by applying the principles stated generally ii 36 and 37 to the case of parallel axes for a pair of spur-wheels, am to the case of an axis perpendicular to the direction of shifting for wheel and a rack.

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