Sentence Examples

  • This wergild is equal to that of an archbishop and one-half of that of a king.
  • LElfwine, the brother of Ecgfrith, was slain on this occasion, but at the intervention of Theodore, archbishop of Canterbury, !Ethelred agreed to pay a wergild for the Northumbrian prince and so prevented further hostilities.
  • He has a fivefold wergild, summons the nobles and clergy for purposes of deliberation, calls out the host, administers justice and regulates finance.
  • Except in Kent his wergild was fixed at two hundred shillings, or one-sixth of that of a thegn, and he is undoubtedly the twyhynde man of Anglo-Saxon law.
  • In Kent his wergild was considerably higher, and his status probably also, but his position in this kingdom is a matter of controversy.