Sentence Examples

  • Unequal-armed balances may be divided into (I) balances consisting of a single steelyard; (2) balances formed by combinations of unequal-armed levers and steelyards, such as platform machines, weighbridges, &c.
  • For platform machines and weighbridges - From 120 lb per in.
  • In some respects it would appear to be very suitable for weighbridges, in which the movement of the lever is very small, but for general convenience of adjustment the knife-edges appear preferable.
  • A useful application of weighbridges is to ascertain the exact weights on the separate wheels of locomotive engines, so that they may be properly adjusted.
  • For this purpose a number of separate weighbridges of simple construction are erected, one for each wheel of the engine, with their running surfaces in exactly the same horizontal plane.

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