Sentence Examples

  • If this is important to you - perhaps you want to wear the shoes in the future but would prefer them in a more wearable, everyday-appropriate color - then you should specifically seek out shoes that are safe to dye.
  • Fantasy Sports Factory takes great pride in the fact that their helmets are not toys -- they are, in fact, real helmets, with interior padding and metal facemasks, just smaller than their wearable counterparts.
  • Whether you choose to practice your own talent and designs or book an appointment with a professional, the following information will help you better understand this expressive form of wearable nail art.
  • Whether you view images of Leah Remini in a bikini on a magazine website like Stuff, or just browse images of the star on Google, you’ll notice that many of her styles are distinctive and wearable.
  • However, you can be reassured that the popularity and desirability of Under Armour clothes will guarantee an easy resale once your son has outgrown the shirt, provided it is still in wearable condition.