Sentence Examples

  • If the field is uniform, H=O/wd, where 0 is the rotation, d the thickness of the substance arranged as a plate at right angles to the direction of the field, and w Verdet's constant for the substance.
  • This caused a disagreement between Alabama and the United States authorities; although it was amicably settled, it engendered a feeling that the pulicy of the national government might not be in harmony wD.h the interests of the state - a feeling which, intensified by the slavery agitation, did much to cause secession in 1861.
  • The resistance of the rope to bending causes an additional resistance, which experiment shows can be expressed in the form Wd 2 /cD where c is a coefficient.
  • Dp dpu dpv dpw -z)' reducing to the first line, the second line vanishing in consequence of the equation of continuity; and so the equation of motion may be written in the more usual form du du du du d dt +udx+vdy +wdz =X -n dx' with the two others dv dv dv dv i dp dt +u dx +v dy +w dz - Y -P d y' dw dw dw Z w dw i d p dt +u dx +v dy +wd - -P dz.