Sentence Examples

  • Public baths and washhouses are provided by local authorities under various acts between 1846 and 1896, which have been adopted by all the borough councils.
  • Metropolitan borough councils have to obtain the sanction of the Local Government Board to loans for baths, washhouses, public libraries, sanitary conveniences and certain other purposes under the Public Health Acts; for cemeteries the sanction of the Treasury is required, and for all other purposes that of the London County Council; poor law authorities, the metropolitan asylums board, the metropolitan water board and the central (unemployed) body require the sanction of the Local Government Board the receiver for the metropolitan police district that of the Home Office, and the London County Council that of parliament and the Treasury.
  • The council may supply water to public baths or washhouses, or for trade or manufacturing purposes.
  • The urban district council may adopt the provisions of the Baths Baths and and Washhouses Acts, and thereunder provide public wash= baths, wash-houses, open bathing-places, covered swim.
  • These include the Lighting and Watching Act, the Baths and Washhouses Acts, the Burial Acts, the Public Lighting Improvement Act and the Public Libraries Acts.

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