Sentence Examples

  • The largest of all, Great Salt Lake, is maintained by the waters of the Wasatch and associated plateaus.
  • The typical Phenacodus primaevus, of the Lower or Wasatch Eocene of North America, was a relatively small ungulate, of slight build, with straight limbs each terminating in five complete toes, and walking in the digitigrade fashion of the modern tapir.
  • (Wasatch formation).
  • The family is represented in the Lower, or Wasatch, Eocene by Trigonolestes, in the Middle (Bridger) Eocene by Homacodon (Pantolestes), and in the Upper (Uinta) Eocene by Bunomeryx.
  • In the lower, or Wasatch, Eocene the group was represented by the still more primitive Lambdotherium.

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