Sentence Examples

  • In 1836 it was made a free warehousing port, and in 1837 the capital of a small adjacent district.
  • Deposit, especially warehousing of grain, was charged for at one-sixtieth.
  • It also works coal-fields at Yentai and Fushun; has a line of steamers plying between Tairen and Shanghai; and engages in enterprises of electricity, warehousing and the management of houses and lands within zones 50 Ii (17 m.) wide on either side of the line.
  • For imports the price does not include customs duties, cost of transport, insurance, warehousing, &c., incurred after the frontier is passed.
  • In 1847 the Birkenhead Dock Warehousing Company opened its first warehouse, capable of holding 80,000 tons of goods.