Sentence Examples

  • Treitschkes Lehrand Wanderjahre, 1836-1866 (Munich, 1896); Gustav Freitag and Heinrich v.
  • During these Wanderjahre he made the acquaintance of the poets Gellert and Jacobi, the learned Jean-Jacques Barthelemy, the duc de Choiseul, and Gottfried Achenwall, the statistician.
  • At the end of his apprenticeship in 1490 he entered upon the usual course of travels - the Wanderjahre - of a German youth.
  • Problems of the relation of the individual to society and industrial questions were to have formed the theme of the Wanderjahre; but since the French Revolution these problems had themselves entered on a new phase and demanded a method of treatment which it was not easy for the old poet to learn.
  • Jung, Goethes Wanderjahre and die wichtigsten Fragen des 19.

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