Sentence Examples

  • The primatial see was placed at Malines (Mechlin), having under it Antwerp, Hertogenbosch, Roermond, Ghent, Bruges, and Ypres constituting the Flemish province; the second archbishopric was at Cambray, with Tournay, Arras, St Omer, and Namur, - the Walloon province; the third at Utrecht, with Haarlem, Middleburg, Leeuwarden, Groningen and Deventer, - the northern (Dutch) province.
  • Irritated and alarmed, the governor suddenly left Brussels in the month of July with some Walloon troops and went to Namur.
  • This feeling was widespread throughout the Walloon provinces, and found expression in the League of Arras (5th of January 1579).
  • There is a Walloon robett.
  • Further, one-third of the Belgian provinces was inhabited by a Walloon population divided from the Flemings by racial characteristics and their use of a Romance instead of a Teutonic dialect.