Sentence Examples

  • In a little case of De ja vu, Dina is working as Ali's manager and the show is not only based upon making Ali as popular as her older sister Lindsay, but her attempt to "…strike a balance between family and career."
  • During a bouncy performance of Deja Vu in Toronto, Canada, the singer's top flew open and exposed what everyone thought were her bare breasts.
  • Even though you have different goals in each level and get dropped off in a different part of the map, you get this constant deja vu feeling.
  • Despite the extreme sensation of déjà vu you will experience playing this game, the old adage holds true: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  • Seeing as there are so many levels to be played through with only a few maps to host them in, you get this constant deja vu feeling.