Sentence Examples

  • VOLSCI, an ancient Italian people, well known in the history of the first century of the Roman Republic. They then inhabited the partly hilly, partly marshy district of the S.
  • The name Volsci itself is significant not merely in its suffix; the older form Volusci clearly contains the word meaning "marsh" identical with Gr.
  • (3) It is doubtful whether there are any actual inscriptions which can be referred with certainty to the language of the Ligures, but some other evidence seems to link them with the -CO- peoples, whose early distribution is discussed under VoLscI and LIGURIA.
  • The first region comprised Latium (in the more extended sense of the term, as including the land of the Volsci, Hernici and Aurunci), together with Campania and the district of the Picentini.
  • Atina) of the Volsci, 12 m.

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