Sentence Examples

  • In 1676, during " Bacon's Rebellion," a party of Virginians under Bacon's command killed about 150 Indians who were defending a fort on a hill a short distance east of the site of Richmond in the " Battle of Bloody Run," so called because the blood of the slain savages is said to have coloured the brook (or " run ") at the base of the hill.
  • Benedict Arnold, the 200 or 300 Virginians offering little resistance, and much of the damage being done by Lieutenant-Colonel John G.
  • Chartered the first Ohio Company, formed by Virginians and London merchants trading with Virginia for the purpose of colonizing the West.
  • Indeed, like most of the prominent Virginians of the time, Mason was strongly in favour of the gradual abolition of slavery.
  • From 1835 to 1861 many leading Virginians defended slavery as a blessing and as part of a divinely established order.