Sentence Examples

  • Typical menu items include Aangara Monsters Curry, Lam chops, Tikki Masala, Tndoori steak, Mali Kabob, Jalfrex, Goan, Vindaloo and Goan.
  • Indian Garden "Sensory overload" is the order of the day at Indian Garden, a safe bet for those who seldom stray from basic fare like tikka masala and vindaloo, and also for those who do.
  • For seafood connoisseurs with a tolerance of spices, the hot and spicy Shrimp Vindaloo (shrimp cooked in a red sauce with authentic spices) and the fish Malabari Curry (fresh fish cooked in coconut milk) is a must-eat.
  • Local favorites include chicken kadai, shrimp vindaloo, chicken biriyani and lamb curry.
  • The dinner menu features Indian culinary classics like Allo Samosa, Chicken Vindaloo and Malai Kofta.

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