Sentence Examples

  • This aggressive character has a different aspect in several genera which are destitute of a central stylet, but in which the surface that is turned outwards upon eversion of the proboscis is largely pro- P. vided with nematocysts, sending the urticating rods of different sizes in all directions.
  • Since the demagnetizing factor was o 052, the strongest field due to the coil was about 1340; but though arrangements were pro vided for cooling the apparatus by means of o ice, great difficulty was experienced owing to heating.
  • 1 Thus they are pro vided with a nucleus which is the centre of cell activity; Pathological both of the reproductive and chemical (metabolic) pro- GelIs.
  • - Antique vided with a ridge on the back (or, in some ingem used as a stances, with a vertical handle), by which it could p rivate seal.
  • He di vided his various dominions Navarre to Garcia, Castile to I Fernando,Sobrarbeto Gonzalo, and Aragon to Ramiro San chez, a natural son.

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