Sentence Examples

  • This heightened tolerance also means that your body has started becoming dependent on the drug and will suffer vicodin withdrawal symptoms once you either decrease the amount you were taking or completely stop the drug.
  • Withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin include muscle or bone pain, vomiting, cold flashes, loss of appetite, insomnia, watery eyes, and runny nose.Once detox has taken place, it is imperative that follow-up treatment occurs.
  • Vicodin addiction first made big news in 1996, when National Football League quarterback Brett Favre announced he was addicted to the prescription pain pill and entered a rehabilitation program.
  • Opiate-based drug addictions that are effectively treated by with this method of detoxification include addictions to heroin, codeine, Vicodin, morphine, Demerol, Lorcet, and Percocet.
  • Alternative treatments for withdrawal symptoms - Many people have found relief from vicodin withdrawal symptoms using meditation, hypnosis and acupuncture.