Sentence Examples

  • Free French flag, during WWII, the Free French forces fighting against the Vichy regime and Germany, inserted a red cross of Lorraine (a symbol of Joan of Arc's fight against foreign invaders) on the white stripe of the tricolour.
  • Sources for more information on Vichy uniforms can be found on forums such as, where military uniform enthusiasts enjoy discussing and researching topics such as those uniforms of the Vichy police.
  • While many pictures of the uniforms of the Vichy police exist, it is somewhat difficult to get primary sources as the Vichy are considered by most to be traitors to their country.
  • While local police forces were still wearing the same local uniforms as always, the milice had special uniforms denoting their connection with the Vichy government.
  • Moulins, the capital, Montlugon and Vichy, are the principal towns.