Sentence Examples

  • I, Simple disk of Microcodon; 2, bdelloid disk of Rotifer and of most Melicertids showing dorsal gap; 3, disk of Hydatina, with lobed ridges in the groove, bearing vibratile styles (membranelles); 4, disk of Melicerta ringens and M.
  • Lobes, fringed with long stiffish setae, which in Stephanoceros are vibratile at intervals, seemingly at will.
  • In most rotifers, on the contrary, the trochus is stronger than the cingulum, often lobed, and with some of its cilia aggregated into vibratile styles homologous with the combplates of Ctenophora (q.v.) and the membranelles of ciliate Infusoria (q.v.).
  • In most Ploima the dorsal gap is not well marked, and the trochus is broken up into a number of lobes, often furnished with vibratile styles, in front and at the sides, but ventrally passing into the uniformly ciliated oral funnel.
  • (iv.) Trophi uncinate: Flosculariaceae; disk a contractile cup, often lobed, the cingulum of long vibratile cilia, of very long motionless bristles or absent, rarely with an outer zone of fine cilia.