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  • Of these the first-fruit was his Clave Historial, a work of the same class as the French Art de verifier les dates, and preceding it by several years.
  • This is the epoch assumed by the authors of L'Art de verifier les dates.
  • 4to of L'Art de verifier les dates, which in its third edition (1818-1831) appeared in 38 vols.
  • (2) Works: The Art de verifier les dates contains a history of Anjou which is very much out of date, but has not been treated elsewhere as a whole.
  • All The Tables Of This Kind Previously Published, Which Extend Beyond The Year 1900 Of The Christian Era, Are Erroneous, Not Excepting The Celebrated French Work, L'Art De Verifier Les Dates, So Justly Regarded As The Greatest Authority In Chronological Matters.

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