Sentence Examples

  • VC, VW = (i - 0 2) VC; curved area ACB = a of parallelogram Afgb = 3kl.
  • Vc; parallelogram Ahjb = Kl.
  • Now the electric force (P,Q,R) is the force acting on the electrons of the medium moving with velocity v; consequently by Faraday's electrodynamic law (P,Q,R) = (P',Q' - vc, R'+vb) where (P',Q',R') is the force that would act on electrons at rest, and (a,b,c) is the magnetic induction.
  • The vena cava (vc) is always found to the right of the Spigelian lobe and dorsal to the stalk of the caudate.
  • Vc, The inferior vena cava.

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