Sentence Examples

  • Vav); the last is used of sacrificial offerings.
  • Denoting by S(v) the sum of all the values of AS up to any assigned velocity v, (is) S(v) =E(OS)+ a constant, by which S(v) is calculated from AS, and then between two assigned velocities V and v, V AT, = vAv or rvvdv vgp gp' and if s feet is the advance of a shot whose ballistic coefficient is C, (17) s=C[S(V) - S(v)].
  • Xvv07r71,K7) lo-ropia rWV vav f .caxc& v Tcov 7rAok,w Tciv Tpiwv vi 7 ?wv, "TSpas, IIEro'wv Kai Tapbv (Nauplia, 1833); Id.
  • 5 This symbol is in all probability the early form of the letter which was known to the Greeks as San (vav) and in modern times as Sampi, and which is utilized as the numeral for 900 in the shape 7A.