Sentence Examples

  • Cheerleaders form a bond with each other during the time in high school that can last a lifetime, and working with your peers to keep your school's spirit strong makes varsity cheer an exciting and fulfilling experience.
  • By visiting the "Camps" subsection online at Varsity, you will have access to the latest camp schedules for cheer and dance camps such as the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) and the United Spirit Association (USA).
  • For starters, the uniforms of the varsity squad are usually the best the school can afford, along with other accessories like warm-ups, cheer bags, etc. You may even get a letter jacket once you earn your place on varsity.
  • This gives them a chance to see just how the varsity cheer squad really makes it happen, as well as an opportunity to shine - the cheer coaches and other squad members will watch to see who may be ready for tryouts.
  • One of the impressive services DeLong offers is that there is no minimum order - so no matter how small your squad is, you can get the same quality apparel and matching jackets for everyone on the varsity squad.