Sentence Examples

  • The featured flowers are hibiscus, birds of paradise, and vanda orchids.
  • Epiphytous plants are very common, many that are usually independent assuming here the parasitic character; the Vanda lowii, for example, grows on the lower branches of trees, and its strange pendent flower-stalks often hang down so as almost to reach the ground.
  • Vanda (Asia) and Angraecum (Africa and Madagascar) are known in cultivation.
  • The bottom of the border as well as that Cymbidium Cypripedium Cyrtopodium Dendrobium Diacrium Disa Epidendrum Eulophia Eulophiella Galeandra Gongora Grammatophyllum Habenaria Houlletia lonopsis Ipsea Laelia Laelio-Cattleya* Leptotes Lissochilus Lycaste Masdevallia Miltonia Mormodes Odontoglossum Odontioda* Oncidium Peristeria Pescatorea Phaj us Phaio - calanthe* Phalaenopsis Pilumna Platyclinis Pleione Pleurothallis Polystachya Promenaea Renanthera Restrepia Rodriguezia S accolabium Schomburgkia Scuticaria Sobralia Sophro-cattleya* Sophronitis Spathoglottis Stanhopea Thunia Trichopilia Trichosma Vanda Zygo - colax* of the drain must be kept lower than the general level of the subsoil, else the soakage will gather in all the little depressions of its surface.

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