Vanaspati Definition

və-nŭspə-tē, -näs-
Any of various hydrogenated vegetable oils, such as palm oil or cottonseed oil, having a semisolid or granular consistency, used especially in South Asian cooking.
American Heritage

(music) Name of a rāgam in Carnatic music. It is the fourth melakarta rāgam of the 72 melakarta rāgams of Carnatic music.


Origin of Vanaspati

  • Hindi short for vanaspati ghī vegetable ghee vanaspati vegetation, the vegetable kingdom (from Sanskrit vanaspatiḥ tree (literally, “lord of the wood”)) (vanas) (probably genetive singular of van- tree, wood Avestan vanā- tree) (patiḥ lord poti- in Indo-European roots) ghī ghee

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Sanskrit वनस्पति (vanaspati)

    From Wiktionary

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