Sentence Examples

  • From similar investigations of valerianic acid he was led to conclude that fatty acids were oxygen compounds of the radicals hydrogen, methyl, ethyl, &c., combined with the double carbon equivalent C2.
  • CH(NH 2) � Cooh, arginin or guanidine-a-amino-n-valerianic acid, (NH)(NH2)C�NH� (CH 2) 3 �CH(NH 2)�Cooh, ornithin or aa-diamino valerianic acid, � (CH 2) 3 � CH(NH 2) � Coon, -(3-imidazol propionic acid, [[Hooc� Ch(Nh 2) �Ch 2 � C: Ch�N:Ch�Nh]], proline or a-pyrrolidin carboxylic acid, [[Hooc� Ch.
  • VALERIC ACID, or [[Valerianic Acid, C4h9 C02h]], an organic acid belonging to the fatty acid series, which exists in four isomeric forms, one of which contains an asymmetric carbon atom and consequently occurs in two optically active modifications and one optically inactive modification.
  • The valerianic;ester of guaiacol is known as geosote, the benzoic as benzosol,' the salicylic as guaiacolsalol, while the glycerin ether appears as guaiamar.