Sentence Examples

  • Ex utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT)-A cesarean section in which the infant is removed from the uterus but the umbilical cord is not cut until after surgery for a congenital defect that blocks the air passage.
  • Research is continuing into in utero treatment options, and some in utero treatments have been successfully carried out, so fetal screening may be helpful if there is a possibility that the child has SCID.
  • If your puppy's mother was infested with worms, possibly from eating the feces of another pet or brought into your yard by another animal, and the puppy was in utero at the time, your puppy may have worms.
  • If the baby does not grow well in utero after conservative treatment, an obstetrician may suggest inducing labor in the mother a few weeks early, or delivering the baby by cesarean section.
  • The most accurate way of determining the gestational age of an infant in utero is calculating from a known date of conception or using ultrasound imaging to observe development.