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  • It was now taught that prophecy in general was a peculiarity of the Old Testament ("lex et prophetae usque ad Johannem"); that in the new covenant God had spoken only through apostles; that the whole word of God so far as binding on the Church was contained in the apostolic record - the New Testament; 2 and that, consequently, the Church neither required nor could acknowledge new revelations, or even instructions, through prophets.
  • His pupil Cuthberht recorded this fact in a letter to a fellow-student, Cuthwine: " a capite sancti evangelii Johannis usque ad eum locum in quo dicitur, ` sed haec quid sunt inter tantos ?'
  • 53): '.` Usque ad mediam aetatem presbyter fuit ecclesiae Africanae, invidia postea et conturneliis clericorum Romanae ecclesiae ad Montani dogma delapsus."
  • Jerome (ut sup.) says: " Fertur vixisse usque ad decrepitam aetatem."
  • The first Spanish drama written by Jews was entitled "Esther," by Solomon Usque and Lazaro Gratiano, published in 1567; and there is another entitled "Comedia famosa de Aman y Mordechay," produced anonymously in Leiden in 1699.

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