Sentence Examples

  • African American hair has a coarse, rough texture that can be difficult to style into a sleek updo without extensive use of heat styling tools or heavy hair products, both of which can break and damage hair if used inappropriately.
  • Prom Hair Updos: From classic French twist updos to styles with curly tendrils, deliberate messiness, or elegant accessories, updo styles are a staple prom style that can be adjusted in many ways to suit individual preferences.
  • If you have decided to keep your hair long, but don't want it hanging down and bothering you all evening, then a prom hair updo might be a better option for you than a traditional long hair style in which your hair hangs down.
  • For a simple, classic little black dress, your best choice may be smoky eyes and a chic updo; if you plan to wear a brightly-colored outfit, you may choose shimmery eye shadows, shiny lip gloss and a soft, simple hairstyle.
  • Prom hair updos are one of the most popular choices for this formal event, and with a wide range of updo options available, there are many choices for stylish girls who wish to make an elegant impression on prom night.

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