Sentence Examples

  • This is a key distinction to make when applying for this type of loan.If you have unsecured credit card debt that you would like to consolidation into one payment, a debt consolidation loan that is secured places your asset on the line.
  • They receive the amount their collateral is worth or the collateral itself, but if this doesn't pay the entire debt, the rest of the debt owned is moved to the unsecured debt category along with things like credit card debt.
  • Although there are very few laws regarding children's access to guns, 18 states have passed CAP laws that hold gun owners criminally responsible if a minor accesses their unsecured gun and injures himself or someone else.
  • Best of all, with good credit, you know whether your application has been approved in moments, relieving you from the stress of waiting, or alerting you that you need to look elsewhere for a line of unsecured credit.
  • An unsecured balance transfer does not require a deposit, however, the bank may require a high application fee, offer higher interest rates and a high annual fee, as opposed to unsecured accounts for people with good or excellent credit.