Sentence Examples

  • He had made a copy of St Paul's epistles and committed them to memory, and from this arsenal of Scripture he attacked the unrighteousness of the state no less than the superstition of the Church.
  • In his days there shall be no unrighteousness in their midst; for they are all holy and their king the anointed of the Lord (xpwros idptos, mistranslation of rnm rrwn).
  • 7 For whensoever, 0 son of Bharata, there is decay of righteousness And a rising up of unrighteousness, then I create myself, 8 For the protecting of the good and for the destroying of evil-doers, And for the establishing of righteousness I arise from age to age."
  • It is a strange fact that Henry, though he was in many respects a conscientious man, with a strong sense of responsibility, and a sincerC piety, was so blind to the unrighteousness of his own actions that he died asserting that neither ambition nor vainglory had led him into France, but a genuine desire to assert a righteous claim, which he desired his heirs to prosecute to the bitter end.
  • The new pope's motto, it is said, was " to establish all things in Christ " (instaurare omnia in Christo); and since, ex hypothesi, he himself was Christ's vicar on earth, the working out of this principle meant in effect the extension and consolidation of the papal authority and, as far as possible, an end to the compromises by means of which the papacy had sought to make friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness.