Sentence Examples

  • He for once worked steadily and unremittingly at his task.
  • A protracted period of rest followed, during which the emperor exerted himself unremittingly to re-equip, reinforce and supply his troops.
  • Of their massacres of shipwrecked crews, even in quite modern times, there is no doubt, but the policy of conciliation unremittingly pursued for the last forty years has now secured a friendly reception for shipwrecked crews at any port of the islands except the south and west of Little Andaman and North Sentinel Island.
  • At the age of twenty he was fitted, in six months, for college, and in 1819, graduated with highest honours, from the Brown University at Providence, Rhode Island, having devoted himself so unremittingly to his studies as to weaken further his naturally feeble constitution.
  • He brought bills into parliament to reform Church patronage and Church discipline, and worked unremittingly for years in their behalf.