Sentence Examples

  • Here the unrecorded years of Christ's boyhood were spent.
  • We see indeed faint traces of distinction among the patricians themselves, which may lead us to guess that the equality of all patricians may have been won by struggles of unrecorded days, not unlike those which in recorded days brought about the equality of patrician and plebeian.
  • A very old tradition suggests that the idea of such an earthly paradise was a reminiscence of some unrecorded voyage to Madeira and the Canaries, which are sometimes named Fortunatae Insulae by medieval map-makers.
  • The extent of the unconformity is usually significant of the geographic changes of the interval unrecorded by known Proterozoic rocks.
  • Prehistoric sites were located on the characteristic mounds of the country, and some were superficially excavated; but most finds were accidental and unrecorded, and many were dispersed and lost.