Sentence Examples

  • His Latin treatise on the Eucharist, which remained in the Royal Library unprinted, till in 1885 it was published (with translation and introduction) by Archdeacon G.
  • Erbkam states that his unprinted writings would make more than another four folios.
  • The unfinished state of his Chronique at the time of his death, coupled with political considerations, may possibly account for the fact that it remained unprinted during the century that followed his death, and his historical work was only disinterred from the libraries of Arras, Paris and Brussels by the painstaking researches of M.
  • Neckam also wrote Corrogationes Promethei, a scriptural commentary prefaced by a treatise on grammatical criticism; a translation of Aesop into Latin elegiacs (six fables from this version, as given in a Paris MS., are printed in Robert's Fables inedites); commentaries, still unprinted, on portions of Aristotle, Martianus Capella and Ovid's Metamorphoses, and other works.
  • And unprinted documents.

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