Sentence Examples

  • Following a performance on MTV Unplugged (a popular show where bands would play their songs acoustically), the band's acoustic reputation began to grow just as the band itself began to disintegrate.
  • The promotion of Core brought many big opportunities for Stone Temple Pilots, including a tour with Megadeath and an MTV Unplugged session, and the following for the band only increased.
  • Originally recorded when he was with Derek and the Dominoes, Clapton released a stripped-down, mellow version on his 1994 Unplugged album that is just as powerful and popular.
  • Although a good amount of their music is electric, their stint on MTV Unplugged showed that many of their tracks are just as great when played acoustically.
  • The selection of available classes includes "The Fundamentals of Composition," "The Art of Seeing," "Photographing Children," and "Portraits Unplugged."