Sentence Examples

  • The unphilosophical person assumes that a tree as he sees it is identical with the tree as it is in itself and as it is for other percipient minds.
  • In these works he attacked the existing theories of externality which to the unphilosophical mind is proved by visual evidence.
  • Macaulay's bluff and strenuous character, his rhetorical style, his unphilosophical conception of history, were entirely out of harmony with Morison's prepossessions.
  • Without altogether accepting Merivale's judgment that " their principles of finance were to the last rude and unphilosophical," it may be granted that Roman statesmen never seriously faced the questions of just distribution and maximum productiveness in the tax system.
  • Maxwell saw that it was unphilosophical to assume a multiplicity of ethers or media until it had been proved that one would not fulfil all the requirements.

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