Sentence Examples

  • In an independent or non-agency adoption, children are placed in non-relative homes directly by the birthparents or through the services of a licensed or unlicensed facilitator, certified medical doctor, member of the clergy, or attorney.
  • When a licensed health care professional such as a doctor administers the homeopathic treatments, there is more of a chance that they will be covered as opposed to when people use unlicensed individuals to perform such treatments.
  • Taking a little time to check the Illinois state database before you sign an inspection contract can potentially save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience which you might have experienced with an unlicensed home inspector.
  • In 1673 a decree of the parlement against Cartesian and other unlicensed theories was on the point of being issued, and was only checked in[time by the appearance of a burlesque mandamus against the intruder Reason, composed by Boileau and some of his brother-poets.
  • As unlicensed blood-letters, certain land-leeches are among the most unpleasant of parasites that can be encountered in a tropical jungle.