Sentence Examples

  • - Unguiculate or clawed petal of Wallflower (Cheiranthus Cheiri).
  • If, however, the so-called Proglires of the lower Eocene are really ancestral rodents, the order is brought into comparatively close connexion with the early generalized types of clawed, or unguiculate mammals.
  • S9), in which there are five spreading petals, having no claws, and arranged as in the rose, strawberry and Potentilla; the caryophyllaceous corolla, in which there are five petals with long, narrow, tapering claws, as in many of the pink tribe; the cruciform, having four petals, often unguiculate, placed opposite in the form of a cross, as seen in wallflower, and in other plants called cruciferous.
  • Foot broad, with two slender posterior appendages; operculum unguiculate.

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