Sentence Examples

  • Whether her look is natural and sexy with a shimmery nude lipstick or flat out bombshell with a bright red lipstick, Rhianna manages to pull off a gorgeous pout by keeping her lips glossy and avoiding dark, gloomy and unflattering shades.
  • While some of the photos are purposely unflattering and in some cases downright mean and embarrassing to the subject at hand, the site really does prove a point - celebrities can be just as awkward, sloppy, and average as the rest of us.
  • The Arquette siblings - Patricia's choices are usually unflattering, Rosanna is often underdressed, the only thing that looks good on David's arm is Courtney Cox, and becoming transgender didn't help Alexis' look.
  • While you may be able to sift through paper catalogs at the store if you find a frame style you like in the wrong size or an unflattering color, you can also look online first and go in armed with information.
  • Bottom Heavy: As with a full bust line, a "heavy bottom' is not necessarily unflattering (think Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce), but if it makes you uncomfortable, consider wearing a strapless, streamlined dress.