Sentence Examples

  • Also known as cryptorchidism, undescended testes is a congenital condition characterized by testicles that do not follow the normal developmental pattern of moving into the scrotum before birth.
  • The child may have an umbilical or inguinal hernia, malformed kidneys, and abnormalities of the urogenital system, including undescended testicles in a male child (cryptochordism).
  • In rare cases infants with hypospadias occurring closer to the body and who also have undescended testicles, a karyotype or genetic screen may be performed to determine gender.
  • Of those cases that do not correct themselves naturally, intervention is very important, because undescended testes increase the likelihood of sterility and testicular cancer.
  • Presence of undescended testes is differentiated from absence of testicles by measuring the amount of gonadotropin hormone in the blood.