Sentence Examples

  • If the spouses have no children from the marriage and agree on the important terms in the New York divorce case, such as property division and alimony, then the court will grant an uncontested divorce.
  • Just as there are few people who should file an uncontested divorce, it is in the best interest of most people to enter into a divorce settlement only while under the guidance of an attorney.
  • Parties who most frequently file on their own do so because their divorce is uncontested, meaning they have no children and are in total agreement regarding the division of their assets.
  • If the respondent agrees with the provisions in the petition, he or she can file an Answer and a Waiver to the Petition, and the divorce will proceed in an uncontested manner.
  • Even if you have an uncontested divorce, attorney fees and the miscellaneous costs associated with setting up a new household can easy put a strain on your budget.